When not setting NFL records, Timmy Brown was making a name for himself as a singer, actor, and entertainer. Since he was a boy, Timmy had dreamed of a career as an entertainer, viewing himself as much a singer and dancer as an athlete. “Entertainment could have been the easiest thing for me,” he said in 2010. “Acting, singing, I loved those.  Football was a challenge.”

Brown’s voice teacher, Carmine Gagliardi told Associated Press reporter Jack Hand in October 1965 that “Tim Brown has a very soft, warm quality in his voice. He has a voice that reminds you of Perry Como.”  

Below are a few samples from his days recording on the Mercury and Imperial labels:

Timmy Brown, “Silly Rumors,” 1962

Timmy Brown, “If I Loved You,” 1963

Timmy Brown, “Runnin’ Late” Mercury Records, 1963

Timmy Brown, “Do the Crossfire” Mercury Records

Timmy Brown, “I Got Nothin’ But Time,” Imperial, 1962