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Timmy Brown’s football career with the Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Baltimore Colts was full of highs and lows, successes and disappointments. Video footage captured during this period of his life allows us to re-live the thrilling on-field moments, such as the 105-yard kickoff return that would set an Eagles record that wasn’t broken until


When not setting NFL records, Timmy Brown was making a name for himself as a singer, actor, and entertainer. Since he was a boy, Timmy had dreamed of a career as an entertainer, viewing himself as much a singer and dancer as an athlete. “Entertainment could have been the easiest thing for me,” he said

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Read about Running Against the Grain’s three co-authors: Roy Weaver, David Sullivan, and Shawn Sriver, and learn how they became involved in helping share Timmy Brown’s story. Roy Weaver retired in 2020 as interim dean of Teachers College, Ball State University, after completing a third consecutive year as interim. He spent a significant part of


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“Great Reading.”

­— Ray Didinger, author of The Eagles Encyclopedia


Timmy Brown went from being a child of divorce living at an orphanage in rural Indiana to sports success at Ball State, where he is remembered as perhaps the school’s greatest athlete. In the 1960s, he played pro football at Green Bay and in Philadelphia. More than 50 years after he left the Eagles, he still held four team records. He ended his career as a Baltimore Colt at Super Bowl III. 

And he wasn’t just a jock. His dream was to have equal success on stage, as a singer and actor. His recordings and live appearances scored in the Philadelphia area, and his acting career led him to roles in two of the most acclaimed movies of the 1970s. He was friends with top stars of his time — such as Chubby Checker and Elliott Gould — and his romantic interests included Dionne Warwick and Diana Ross.

But as a Black man, he had to deal with the overt racism of his times. And his outspoken honesty didn’t lead to continuing professional success. Yet he never quit, moving on to helping troubled youths in California, and establishing a family of his own while in his 50s. 

While dreams can change and goals can go unmet, Timmy Brown’s character and perseverance remained constants. His life is unique and fascinating.


“Whether he was scoring touchdowns at Franklin Field, singing on American Bandstand or dating the glamorous likes of Diana Ross and Dionne Warwick, Timmy Brown was a man of many talents. His journey from an orphanage to the Super Bowl to Hollywood makes for great reading.”

    ­— Ray Didinger, author of The Eagles Encyclopedia

“Timmy was very handsome and polite, and treated me with respect. I most definitely loved him. But, I was much younger, and he called me “kid” and treated me like one, in caring and fun ways. The book is full of wonderful stories and brought back great memories.”

 —Dee Dee Sharp, legendary R&B singer

“Timmy Brown was a good friend. We met when both of us were with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was an individual with great class, loved by all, and had the respect of many, many people. I knew him for nearly 60 years, and I’ve learned things from this book that I never knew. You’ll enjoy it.”

— Gene Kilroy, former casino and Eagles executive, and business manager for Muhammad Ali 


Explore the many chapters of Timmy Brown’s life in this captivating, deeply sourced biography.

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